Giving Back to the Community

Community Involvement

Giving Back to the Community

Community Involvement

by Carolina Commercial Investment Properties
Giving back to the Community
Carolina Commercial Investment Properties and its Brokers pride themselves in our continuous involvement in our community. Collectively we volunteer hundreds of hours back into our neighborhoods, our churches, and organizations for which we truly care:

NC CCIM Board of Directors:

As a CCIM, the opportunity to become a board member for the NC CCIM chapter was one of true honor. The NC CCIM chapter continues to be nationally recognized by its generosity in education, community involvement, and remains a President Cup award winner 2016. http://www.


RCASENC – Cape Fear Realtors:

The Realtors Commercial Alliance of Southeastern North Carolina is the Wilmington area Association for Commercial Real Estate Professionals. As a council of Cape Fear Realtors we have one of the strongest commercial real estate divisions in the state and has been recognized nationally. Currently PJ Doherty/CCIM is the 2017 President of this organization.


North Carolina Real Estate Commission – Instructor:

Staying informed about current events and helping raise the level of professionalism among commercial real estate practitioners is so important we were recently approved to begin instructing other Realtors. CCIM has the curriculum in our educational background therefore being an instructor for SeaCoast Real Estate Academy was a great fit. Helping educate both new and seasoned brokers has been a wonderful avenue to building new relationships and raise awareness.


Town of Leland – Economic Development Committee Member:

Commercial real estate is driven by job growth. North Carolina has experienced some of the strongest job-growth in the country. However, much of this economic expansion has been centered around Raleigh and Charlotte. Wilmington and its surrounding areas are hungry for jobs. As a member of the Leland Economic Development Committee we have a sound platform to share our expertise with local economic developers and assist in corporate site selection.


MARBIONIC – UNCW Marine Bio-tech Community Advisory Board:

We are passionate about the wonderful natural resources coastal North Carolina has to offer. Therefore we understand the balance between smart growth and taking care of our beautiful coastline. MARBIONIC is University of North Carolina Wilmington Biotech campus that explores and educates the rapid growing industry that marries marine biology with life-sciences. Bio-tech is exploding globally and UNCW MARBIONIC program in internationally recognized. As the board’s commercial advisor we are proud to be a volunteer for this World-Class organization.

Domestic Violence Shelter/Board of Directors:

For over 20 years J. Michael Hutson has been a member BOD for Domestic Violence Shelter. His continuous involvement includes fund-raising, community awareness, and guidance to the growth of services for D-Vac.